A Little Bit about Myself

That’s me on the left, Sahara Desert July 2017

I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself:

  • I’ve been traveling my entire life, willingly and otherwise
  • I’ve visited 31 34 35 countries and 3 4 5 continents
  • I, in no way,  consider myself an expert traveler
  • My favorite drinks, in order from greatest to least, are:
    • Rum & Coke
    • Stouts (closely followed by porters)
    • Amarone wine
  • I love exploring the world but also have a fear of flying
  • I love the outdoors, but I hate bugs
  • I’m a massive introvert who tries very hard to cover it up
  • I have always been full of doubt

I’m the type of person who will make a bunch of plans and not tell anyone about them until everything is 100% set (exhibit A, the very blog you’re reading now! No one knows I’m writing this. Shhhh, you unpublished, hidden, WordPress account, it’s our secret for now!) because I’m so incredibly crammed full of doubt that if anyone were to voice their own doubts about any of my ideas, I’d mentally shutdown and end up doing nothing at all. And what kind of life would that be? (Update: This page still isn’t live and I had a terrible dream that it WAS live and you all had such terrible comments and “advice,” yeeesh).

I’m also the type of person who doesn’t love to ask super experienced people questions because I know imagine that their answers will either be so technical that I’ll be even more lost (and end up losing any motivation I had), or will be on the condescending side and make me feel like an idiot (again, dampening my motivation to do a thing). So, in short, I rarely have any idea what I’m actually doing.

Filled with thousands of anxieties, both large and small, rarely is there a time in which I’m not completely freaking out inside. Whether it’s as mundane as making a left hand turn in an unprotected intersection-thanks, car accident I had at 21-or something a little more unusual, like horseback riding in the beautiful Patagonian wilderness-thanks, horse that looked me dead in the eye before trying to knock me out of my stirrups-I am habitually WORRIED.

So, I thought I’d start this blog with the intention of documenting my determination to conquer the world…as well as the miles of doubts and inevitable missteps I’ll meet along the way.

I hope you enjoy visiting with me and, if you’re a worrier too, I hope that having a window into my experiences might help you worry a little less and do a little more!

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